Tuesday, January 03, 2012


My name is Amy Vickers and I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful place next to the sea in east Cork, Ireland.
I am a mother of 3 small people. The oldest Jago is 5, my middle one Tegan is 3, and my baby Lorcan is 20 months. Each is more challenging than the next, each can outscream the other with gusto. Each has more energy than I have in my little finger.

Every day I just try to survive. I try to keep my sanity intact while all around me chaos reigns. I try to raise my energy but their demands far exceed any energy I have left in my poor old body. I've just turned 40 and feeling exhausted by motherhood, whilst trying to get my life and my brain back.

This blog is an attempt to rediscover my self, my voice and to give me something else to think about other than just being Mum.

Here's my first ever blog post attempting to explain why I need to write this blog: Gasping For Air

Years ago I worked in London making a living out of writing on national newspapers. It seems like a long time ago...

Why Daily Muttering? Well I am a bit of a mutterer (dictionary definition:"To utter or say in low indistinct tones") and I'd love to get back to the discipline of writing daily.

Perhaps when I do acheive this goal, I'll no longer be a mutterer, so I'll have to change my blog name to something far more dynamic like Mama Pheonix or Dynamo Mum...  Will I ever be this confident?! Probably not. But who knows where this blogging journey will take me.

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