Friday, March 09, 2012


A strong, solid baby wanting to walk

Low tide, shiny mud, happy birds, big moon

A date set for Lorci's Naming Birthday - two months away

Finally asking a good friend to be Lorci's Godmum

A lovely evening with a friend and our four boys in the bath together

My boy being such a sweetie. The frustrated four-year-old phase hopefully passing to a calm, contented phase

Women's Group on Sunday in beautiful Ballycotton

Finding my inner creative mama. Pulling together my first ever fancy dress costume and making a hat for my 4-year-old's school friend's party on Saturday (sadly, hat's too small, but he loves it anyway)

Feeling brighter and more able, thanks to my fixed sinuses - a happy new kind of normal

Less screaming. Six teeth and less cranky. Now if only he'll stop slicing my poor nipples with these razor-sharp new teeth

5 senses tour

1 comment:

Unknown said...

"passing to a calm, contented phase"
that must make for such a good vibe in the home now.

and fixed sinuses - excellent!

creativity and women's groups - somuch joy!