Tuesday, April 03, 2012


1) "You've got your hands full"
- Do I always look overwhelmed?

2) "Just wait until they're teenagers, it gets worse"
- At least I won't have to wipe their bums!

3) "He's a really calm baby isn't he?"
- Er no, he's proper fierce with me!

4) "Kiss my bum better, I hurt it"
- Er no thanks (my little girl)

5) "Let's play mums&dad's. You be the mum and I'll be the tiger"
- Interesting take on mums&dad's from my little boy

6) "How are you coping with your husband away working?"
- I'm surviving, bit busy though

7) "Have you thought about stopping breastfeeding him?"
- Er no, he's only 10 months

8) I'm loving your blog
- Thanks, me too ;-)

9) "Your spine is badly twisted and you're 2kgs heavier on your left side!"
- Oh crikey, I'm broken by having babies, gonna need a lot of chiro realignment!

10) "I thing what you're doing is wonderful. You are so there and utterly available and open to our babies, laying yourself bare, honest and vulnerable. Thank you for your unconditional love"
- Finally feeling appreciated by my hubby, ahhhhh...



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