Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A lovely mum I see at our local toddler group died last night. 

Today we're all in shock, numb that one of our friends has been cruelly taken away from her 3 beautiful young children. 

It's a week since I saw her and she was as bubbly and full of life as always. What an awful tragedy. 

Yesterday I paid my respects outside a standing-room only funeral of a dad of 4 - one of which is in my son's pre-school class. The whole school was in shock this time last week over his untimely death, now it's been served a double blow. 

It all feels so wrong. Seven children collectively robbed of a much-loved parent. It makes me numb to contemplate the devastating impact on their children over the rest of their lives. 

It makes me think how fragile life is. And how I've been in such a bubble this year, trying to get on top of life with 3 kids, not stopping to realise how lucky I am that my husband has been around to help, that we all have each other, my kids are healthy and we don't have any major worries or issues. 

So from now on, I'm going to be seizing every day, I'll be Carpe Dieming, living in every moment cos I really don't know which is going to be my last. It's a horrible thought, but it's really made me more mindful of the beauty in life, because some people don't have that luxury any more. And 3 children have just lost a gorgeous mummy. How truly heart-breaking. 

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