Thursday, May 17, 2012


It happened overnight. 

Whilst I was sleeping my baby was taken over by a demon and woke up more determined than ever to wreak destruction in the house he was born in. A home supposedly already thoroughly child-tested by two other little hurricanes.

He woke up no longer a baby, more of a manboy heavily-armed tank toddler, ploughing his way through fire guards and dismantling sinks and toilets, pulling everything out of cupboards, intent on living in the dishwasher but not with those pesky pots mummy and daddy insist on leaving in his wet playden. Smash, out with them, smash.

I thought my other hurricane boy was destructive, until this one came along. This morning he pulled the extremely heavy and deadly china casing that surrounded the sink in our downstairs toilet away from the sink. How he did it we don't know, as he's stealthy - he crawls off and makes a swift attack on his target whilst I'm dealing with the other two or trying to clear up the last mess he made.

He cracked the china but thankfully not his skull. He was more shocked by his own power and the noise it made when it crashed onto the tile floor, than hurt. Hubby fixed it temporarily back to the wall with cable ties but will it hold in the face of Lorcan's determination? It will probably become his new sport now, knowing his intense personality.

So my baby has well and truly gone. He's walking now - well a few steps here and there, then grabbing hold of my trousers and pulling them down as he steadies himself. One of the hidden joys of toddlers I find, having my own bottom regularly exposed (note to self - wear belts).

Don't get my wrong, I'm delighted the baby stage has finally gone, but I wasn't quite prepared to have my house wrecked any more than it already is by the other two. 

We've only just come up for air after the other two babies. They still believe that everything lives scattered messily on the floor and that it's fun to hear exhausted mum constantly moaning about picking up their stuff. Actually it probably is fun - so maybe I need to find a new approach? Suggestions gratefully welcomed...

I've had four and a half years of baby stages - being woken up in the night, trying to get hyper baby to sleep when they won't nap for more than an hour during the day, screaming screaming screaming, teething, reflux, sickness when a baby clings to you as he pukes all over you, wanting to be in my arms constantly when my back is sprained and my arms are weak. I think the baby stage is only fun if you have a dream, angel baby, who sleeps and coos and doesn't scream when being driven anywhere, and refuses to fall asleep when you're out and about, or in his cot for that matter. 

Give me a distractible toddler any day who will stop screaming if handed a snack or whispered: "Look at the birdie"... I love that my boy now responds to a good old finger-point and the mention of any animal. Yippie for distractions. This is when life with high-need babies starts to get easier.

Last Sunday he turned 1 and we hosted and presented a special Naming Ceremony for him, giving him Guideparents and a blessing. He is now well and truly launched into this world - Lorcan Tomás Evans. 

So houray to the end of Baby Stages! May it never happen again, because I don't think I could cope with another baby. I really don't know how mums with loads of kids cope, especially going through another pregnancy and the first year when they have other young kids that keep them so busy. I mean just the picking up stuff, bum-wiping and changing peed-on sheets is already a full time job in itself - another baby just tips you over the edge, right?!

This one took me to the brink of my sanity - but now the manic first year is over, I'm feeling very relieved. Having survived that, I think I can survive anything now.

Apart from the total destruction of my house! 

But then again, my hubby is very good at fixing things. We'll deal with whatever he throws at us.

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Unknown said...

hi Amy. i do a more balanced version of joy pockets now 'keeping it real'. on my other blog.

and i'm so sorry to hear about that friend of yours. so sad, and leaving 3 young children behind. breaks your heart.