Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Fishing books, toys, shoes and tooth brushes out of the toilet, courtesy of my 16 month old enjoying a new sport. 

Trying to encourage my 3 and 4 year old to flush the toilet after use - in an effort to reduce the disgusting nature of said fishing expeditions.

Being driven demented by my 3 year old girl who refuses to eat proper food.

Making tomato ketchup from home-grown tomatoes, onions and apples - in a vain hope of encouraging my junk-food obsessed 3 year old to eat something resembling a 5-a-day. 

Constantly driving back and forth to our local school. With 2 kids up there now, with different pick-up times, it's a lot of dashing back and forth, and a lot of putting baby in and out the car, looking for shoes and fastening seatbelts.

Reading the most addictive novel I've read in a long time. Yes I've succumbed to 50 Shades. I am now officially "a bored housewife!". It feels like I'm having an illicit affair with Christian Grey!

Taking deep breaths to get through the screaming from my 16 month old - he's cutting molars. 

Trying to cross things off a to-do list - and failing badly.

Stuffing omega-3s into the eldest two - to try to tame their screaming and defiant behaviour. I live in hope.

Trying to carve a life back from myself from the detritus of baby-rearing chaos. 


Tree Peters said...

wow. I feel like I just watched a movie montage.
I now see that I've been sooooooo lucky that even though my daughter still doesn't flush, she doesn't drop anything else in the bowl.
You deserve a medal for those fishing expeditions!!

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Sounds like a productive day in the life of a SAHM! Just keep in mind they do eventually go to bed. :) Danica Martin