Saturday, December 01, 2012


Here are my snippets of happiness as we enter December:

* A family trip to Cork city to Wagamamas and the Winter Wonderland. 

* Having an article published in the Irish Independent this week. I'm getting my groove back.

* My kids happy and healthy - I'm ignoring the sniffles and coughs.

* A girls Swap night out. Got new clothes for myself and some books for the kids. 

* Some brilliant local friends who weave in and out of our lives seamlessly and with very little effort.

* Lie ins until 8am. Rare but lovely.

* A business opportunity to set up an after-school club with a friend in the new year.

* My 19 month old talking more, dancing and playing a lot and generally being more cute and funny.

* An interview for antenatal teacher training course with Cuidiu next week.

* Taking the kids ice skating tomorrow.

* Selling a pram I wasn't using - sadly the money went straight on a new tyre for the car!

* A cleaner cleaning my house so I didn't have to. Why did I resist this €10 a week luxury for so long?


Joanna said...

Lovely to hear the good stuff! Good luck with the interview!

Anonymous said...

Great article about broken heart syndrome Amy - really fascinating. Hopefully one of many more to come. Congratulations!