Monday, December 24, 2012


Here's to a wonderful Christmas to all you lovely people. It's finally time to relax (hopefully) and watch the kids faces shine with delight. 

A time to tune into their innocent wonder and cherish all that we have, and slow down to gorge excessively on fine wines and foods. 

Amidst the stress and screaming (theirs and mine) during the build up to the BIG day, I feel it's necessary to ground myself with JOYS and remind myself of the positives in my life (and stop being so grumpy Amy!), so here goes....

* A family around for Christmas (my brother flying in from UK)

* Three healthy kids

* Excitement building about Christmas morning and kids' presents

* A husband with a day off work on Christmas Day, hourah!

* A few parties and an excuse to go out and drink

* The first time in 5 Christmases I've not either been pregnant or breastfeeding

* Turkey and all the trimmings

* Not having to cook Christmas dinner (thanks Mum)

* Daddy being around to share the non-stop demands of 3 very high need kids

* Mild weather, with even pockets of sunshine

* My life being lived better - and lots of good vibes for new year

* A satellite box that will record everything good off the telly - so we don't have to spend Christmas glued to it

* A few days away in Dingle visiting the outlaws after Christmas

To everyone reading this, may peace reign in your house over Christmas and you have lots of fun and good times.

I'll leave you with a question? 

What are your Joy Pockets this Christmas? Share them below.....

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