Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm baffled by a recent event that happened in a group I'm involved in on Facebook. 

A woman told us her story of how she had given birth to a 22 weeks premature baby and posted a pic of baby Matthew. 

She received an outpouring of sympathy from her online sisters who said Matthew was in their prayers and offered unlimited support and help. 

She updated us regularly of his progress, thanking us for our kind words. 

The she said he had passed away - to which the deluge of sympathy and kindness was overwhelming. Hundreds of messages of condolence were posted with many people deeply affected by this loss. 

Then suddenly, when I mentioned it today to a friend, I discovered it wasn't true: "it was a scam" my friend told me. 

I've been in shock ever since. Why?? What?? That's just not right is it? What was the person hoping to achieve? It seems like a sick thing to do!

I'm left wondering about the girl...

I've heard of girls pretending to be pregnant because of the mental and social rewards they get - and the craving for attention, but pretending to have a premature baby and leading everybody on and getting them hooked on the story before hitting us with grief, is just beyond belief. My heart goes out to the girl who did this - because this behaviour is surely a sign of mental illness and clearly she needs someone to reach out and help her. 

Her Facebook page has since disappeared. 

The people who run the group have been left a little bruised by this story and all of us who were moved by Matthew's plight are left feeling a bit bewildered. 

I had to share this story as I'm just baffled. Have I said already how baffled I am?!
I wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this before?

And whether we can do anything to help?

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tree peters said...

wow that's pretty horrible. I'm so sorry you were sucked into that. That's the bad that can come with all the truely good that this new internet world and places like facebook have brought us. I know personally someone who's son received so much love through facebook that he actually felt it as he was dying of cancer (adult son). It's a powerful tool for good and for bringing us together.
I hope you can release the betrayal you might feel and hold on to the truth that you and all the other members of the group truly spread love and created positive energy in this world.
Even this poor girl who is clearly troubled might have gotten a healing from what you all gave.
We can only control our own hearts and our own behaviour. You did well and i don't think it was wasted.