Friday, March 01, 2013


Today's post is brought to you via the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group, a group I am honoured to be involved in. 

It's spring and we're celebrating new life, the cherry blossoms are turning pink, the daffs are singing in the wind and new buds are bursting from every plant. And two of our members are having precious baby girls.

Trees turn pink to celebrate baby girls being born

There has been a series of 18 posts in 18 days: a Virtual Mother Blessing for two of our members with 2013 babies. 

I am the last to post. Last but not least, I hope. 

My gift is a poem written in the dead of night, when trying to get my baby back to sleep (at least night wakings are useful for something ;-)

Precious Hands

You'll never have hands so small again
Perfectly formed, so full of flesh
Grasping mine tightly, pure innocence

You'll never have a body so small again
Pudgy limbs, cuddled in my arms
Surrendered entirely, a warm woozy trust

You'll never have skin so soft again
Thrilling my senses, my favourite cushion
Nuzzling and rubbing, orgasmic flesh

You'll never have hair so fine again
Smoother than silk, who needs scissors
Blowing in the breeze, like dandelion seeds

You'll never need me as much again
Disturbed from sleep, in pain or fear
Clinging for dear life, adrift in time

You'll never want me so much again
I'm freezing time HERE, holding you longer
Saving this snapshot, precious hands holding mine


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My post cryptically carries the letter M.  


Anonymous said...

Tears! What a gorgeous gorgeous gift to give the girls xxxx

Joanna O'Sullivan said...

The thoughts of a mother watching her baby in the middle of the night is a fitting end to the blog march! The poem and images are really beautiful.

Unknown said...

So beautiful I've a lump in my throat reading it, very moving.

Maud said...

Stop making me cry!