Saturday, February 11, 2012


Baby Lorcan 9 months and teething

Nerves frayed
Ears ringing with screaming
Exhausted and numb
The trials of a mum with a baby teething

His pain becomes mine
Nothing can soothe
He needs only me
Wrecked, banjaxed old me

A tour de force
Like I've never known
The other two challenged me
Number 3 has me thrown

It's gone on a month
Long sleepless nights
Whimpering clingy days
Mum in a coma, autopilot engaged

He won't eat
Other than me
Drained in more ways than one
Milk back to newborn

My over-sensitive little boy
Fist in mouth
Eyes puffy, face hot
Were the others this bad before?

I don't remember
My fog consumes me
His screaming stabs me
My heart feels raw

Please let the tooth come soon
Let his pain be less
Let his sleep get better
Oh please let my poor baby smile again


1 comment:

Karien said...

O, poor you. My third is also my worst in this sense.... very difficult.
Unfortunately I have had to stop breastfeeding ( I have a chronic disease, and after 6 months with 3 little ones could not cope without meds) so it is not the boob here. She refuses milk when she is teething anyway. Partly I am happy now I am not feeding anymore, my second thought chewing my nipple was a great way to relief teething pain. With me wearing pads to stop bleeding as a result.
I wish you luck!!! It sounds like you need it...