Friday, February 17, 2012


It’s Friday and there are pockets of joy everywhere. It’s been a hard few weeks of a clingy teething baby but he’s playing on the floor again and back to full strength trying to walk before he reaches 10 months. My bigger kids have been socialising more and I’ve nearly finished the work that’s consumed much of my spare time. I feel joy.

- Warmer weather – yay for Spring
- My baby finally smiling (and sleeping well) after a month of torturous teething
- Daffodils and cherry blossom everywhere

- A palladium of happy, pregnant friends
- Being the centre of my baby’s world. A beautiful moment when he fell asleep feeding in my arms in public for the first time ever (normally he’s too pre-occupied to feed and screams as he fights sleep)
- Swaps. Sociable happy kids when their friends come here to play, free childcare when their mums’ return the favour.

- A job almost done (2 newsletters I’ve been working on for the Irish Childbirth Trust)
- Daisies outside our front door

- A return to menses after 18 months. My body happily getting back to normal.
- My little girl being accepted for morning sessions at the brilliant local playschool in September. A light at the end of the tunnel: dropping both kids at 9 every morning, and having space in the mornings with just baby Lorci.

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Unknown said...

that's wonderful that he drifted off so well.
excellent news about a place at the playschool and having time with just baby!

wow, and the daffs are out already!?

a great week. enjoy your weekend!

edit: this took me 2 tries! argh, the word verification is horrendous.