Sunday, February 19, 2012


There is so much life happening around here at the moment.

In the last few days I've taken my two little ones to see newborn lambs, taken the two biggest to see brand new calves (we wanted to keep one they were so cute), picked daffodils, driven around and admired baby-pink cherry blossoms, and gone for a beach walk in the sunshine (my big kids went barefoot when they got wet).

Spring has well and truly sprung in our beautiful little corner of Ireland. Today as we drove east towards a lovely long stretch of beach, we saw hundreds of people walking out and about. Suddenly everyone is dusting off the cobwebs of winter and enjoying this rare, sun-kissed taste of Spring. 

My three lively kids were like little lambs bouncing as they were let loose today on the beach. The older two jumping over rocks and into rock-pools, the baby kicking up and down in the back carrier, delighted to see new life for effectively the first time. Our dog ran at least 10 miles, up and down the endless beach, chasing uncatchable birds flying high above the shoreline.

And it really does feel like new life. I've hibernated this winter. The kids have kept me busy. We've not been out much. Our dog moved out to my folks' house, so our motivation to walk every day evaporated. We've done bike rides, local forest walks and our nearest rocky beaches, but not long stretches of sandy beaches like today - and I think that makes all the difference. It just feels more open, more vast. Less oppressive.

And so I end the day trying to stay positive and remaining with the images of today. But the kids are over-tired and whingey. We're trying to get them to bed but they're arguing about everything. I want to write but I'm interrupted by their bouncing nudity and their wild energy. Oh crikey, I must battle them to bed. I wish I had more energy for them but I have images in my brain I need to download. I have so much I'd love to write about but my last remaining energy is about to be burned by the forthcoming battle to bed. It's draining. Tegan won't be asleep until 10, despite us starting her bedtime routine at 7.30pm. She just never seems to need sleep. Never. Not during the day, not at night. That girl will rule the world one day.

I could go on about the tiresome frustrations of motherhood, but I'm happy after a wonderful day in the spring sunshine. Even though it was hard work, trying to mobilise all three of them and a dog, pack enough provisions and spare clothes for everyone, I'm delighted we grabbed a rare opportunity to escape for a daytrip, gritting our teeth during the meltdowns and zoning out of the whinging. 

Because these days are what childhood (and our) memories are made of. Best of all, we even threw caution to the wind and went into the pub on the beach for a pint and luckily the kids didn't totally wreck the place.

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