Friday, March 02, 2012


Didn't find the time nor joy during Screamfest here last Friday for Joy Pockets, but this week I'm back with positive avengeance.

* * * * * * *

* My babies soft skin against my face. I rub my face against his fuzzy head so many times a day. Doing it now as I type. It's a love drug.

* Finishing two paintings and looking forward to art class tomorrow after I missed my Saturday ritual last weekend with hubby away.


* Buds all over the trees. Welcome, you're very welcome

* My 2-year-old girl remarkably sleeping 12 hours straight in her cosy new bedroom. It's given me such a buzz this week to finally make her a proper girls bedroom. It's like she's come of age. It cost very little as I swapped beds with friend and painted it, then moved shelves around so they're more accessible, picked up a canopy and new duvet.

* Warm enough to have the kitchen window open in the morning so I can hear birds singing outside. The view from my kitchen window in the morning:

* A miracle week of clear sinuses. I'm still walking around seeing things clearly for the first time in years, amazed that I'm not sneezing nor having an extreme allergic reaction to things.  My Health Miracle

* My husband being offered work

* My 4 year old love-bombing me

* This morning with just Baby Lorci thanks to a swap - a luxury when the norm is 3

* Kids playing out in 13 degree sunshine yesterday with no coats on - nor shoes for Barefoot Warrior Tegan

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Unknown said...

isn't it just so wonderful to have the sunshine and warmth returning? especially when we watch the littlies enjoying it outside.

12hrs sleep through!? i'm in shock for the rest of the week now. lol

you have a fab view.