Saturday, March 03, 2012



  1. Wearing clothes with stains - and not noticing
  2. Whingeing and screaming being the soundtrack of your life
  3. Sleep becoming more important than sex
  4. Locating poo (not your own) under your fingernails via a horrible smell
  5. Leaving pots and pans in the sink overnight
  6. Mounds of laundry in all corners of the house
  7. Being called "Mrs Ship" by hubby because we mind our kids in passing shifts
  8. Not showering every day
  9. Being woken up abruptly every night
  10. Never finishing a train of thought because of constant interruptions
  11. Having fingermarks and stains all over walls and windows
  12. You lower your standards around the house
  13. Every other sentence becomes "Just a minute"
  14. Balloons are still hanging from a birthday party two months ago
  15. You're desperate for a break from them, but miss them desperately when they're not around
  16. Friends nearby become more important than best friends overseas
  17. You throw a towel over peed-on sheets and then forget to change them the next day
  18. Bed linen and duvet covers are lucky if they're cleaned once a month
  19. You haven't a clue what's going on in the world - and don't care anymore
  20. You can’t remember when last you went to the toilet without a child insisting on being with you/sat on your lap

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