Thursday, March 15, 2012


A busy week with lots of positives... Here are my 10 pockets of joy for this week...

  • A husband happy to be back at work and busy
  • My shy and sometimes strange 4 year old dressing up and being sociable with friends

  • A beautiful book called Moon Time that is teaching me about my body and my cycle for the first time. I'm pre-menstrual not overwhelmed. Thanks Lucy @ DreamingAloud
  • Paddy's Day tomorrow and a local parade of old tractors, which my kids will love - looking forward to a great sociable day bumping into all my friends
  • Trying to not react and not let myself be annoyed by things
  • Mothers Day on Sunday. Time to enjoy being a mum? Time to spoil my mum, who moved countries to be near to me and my kids
  • Our medical cards finally being approved
  • The prospect of a good friend visiting for Baby Lorci's Naming Day

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Unknown said...

lots of good things Amy. but the silence and calm has got to reign supreme ;)