Friday, June 08, 2012


Keeping it Real... 


  It's Friday...
[[Monica at Ink and Chai
invites us all to share our ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light,
peaks-valleys, plusses-minuses....]]


Spending less time with my kids so we enjoy each other more.

Playdates swaps. Hard when it's my turn to host but brilliant when I get a break.

Kids happier because mum's more able when not drained by constantly mothering 3 busy bees.

Massive shipment of nearly new clothes from cousins in New York. Won't have to buy any kids clothes for years.

Hosting coffee morning - a lovely sociable morning with mums and kids.

Catching up with my blog. Feeling the urge to write again. 

Finishing a book. First one read in a year.

Seeing my friend in babymoon with her little girl.

Friday morning swim with my two littlest.

My baby becoming a boy


Cleaning up after coffee morning.

 Nowhere to put all the new clothes. Drowning.

Baby teething again. Clingy and screamy.

Husband working all weekend. Missing sanity-helping Women's Group on Sunday.


Unknown said...

oh i remember the super clingy teething days... siiigh.

yes, mama having a break, returning refreshed, makes for a better mama.

welcome to KIR!

Baby By The Sea said...

Play date swaps are the most genius idea, aren't they?! I just started doing that and the time alone is amazing. I feel for you with the teethy, clingy baby.