Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I was looking for a poem to describe the massive changes taking place in my baby since he turned 1 a few weeks ago.

In the end, I wrote down a few of my own musings...

I cradle you in my arms
Spread over me, legs akimbo
How did you get so big?
A year ago you fitted half my arm
Now you're solid, walking, seeing
Everything; it's all there for your taking
As I watch, speechless, your willpower driving you
Able for anything, unafraid, so strong.
Exploring life - nay, attacking it with ferocity
You catch me watching across a crowded room 
Smile, check in, carry on; headlong into
Friendships, adventure, danger, discovery
Nothing holds you back - I never will
I see you different now
Not a baby, more a boy
Watching you explore
I see your head bobbing
A cute blond little head
Bruises on either temple
Scratches and scrapes on your nose
You try to kill yourself every day
I save you repeatedly, thankfully!
Words are coming to you now
You delight in mimicking
"Kiss kiss" prompts a lunge to lips
Open, drooling - a proper wet snog
We laugh, it's cute
You know you have us
We're in the palm of your hands
Oh darling boy

Lorcan on his 1st birthday

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