Friday, January 18, 2013


It's hard to be a parent. You become obsessed with sleep and having a break from them in order to be able to think straight... Your words get muddled and all the good intentions fly out of the window during times of stress.

It's so hard to keep your cool when there's a few of them snapping at your heels. I find myself raising my voice and saying negative things at them in frustration.

Clearing out an old email 'drafts' folder earlier I found 10 Phrases to Make a Better Parent. I can't remember where it's from, so I can't share the source sorry, but I wanted to share the tips at least...

A guide to: how to talk to your kids better. I think I need to print it out and stick it somewhere I can read it every day. I need to re-programme my brain and stop saying the wrong things!!

10 Phrases to Make a Better Parent:

INSTEAD OF: You are a naughty boy.
TRY: What did you learn from this? What can you try next time?

INSTEAD OF: Hurry Up! We're late!
TRY: It’s okay. Take the time you need... Next time, leave more time to get ready!

INSTEAD OF: Oh no! What have you have done!
TRY: It really won’t matter five years from now! I will show you how to fix this.

INSTEAD OF: You need to...
TRY: I need you to...

INSTEAD OF: Because I said so!
TRY: I’ll explain my reasoning in five minutes when I’m not distracted so much.

INSTEAD OF: Stop that tantrum right now!
TRY: You feel frustrated and angry. Can I give you a hug?

INSTEAD OF: Stop crying.
TRY: It’s OK to cry and feel your feelings. Want a hug?

TRY: I can see you really want that but I can’t provide it right now.

INSTEAD OF: You’ve wrecked my...
TRY: I’m really angry right now. I need to take a timeout.

INSTEAD OF: Stop doing that!
TRY: Would you consider this?

INSTEAD OF: Go play and leave me alone.
TRY: I love you!


Joanna O'Sullivan said...

I could do with printing these out too. The "Oh no! What have you have done!" is something I need to work on and really it's usually something that won't matter even five minutes later.

Anonymous said...

Yeh I'd also need to print these out and stick them to the fridge. Its very hard to stay calm when a million things are happening at once, but I'm going to try really hard. Have to say this is my fave
INSTEAD OF: You’ve wrecked my...
TRY: I’m really angry right now. I need to take a timeout.
I like time-out lol! :)