Thursday, January 10, 2013


NEARLY HALF of the food in the world is thrown away uneaten!

Food waste 
Now call me tight, but I never throw anything away. Freezing means everything is extended much longer than their sell-by dates and I always miraculously find a recipe that includes everything about to go off in the fridge
We can't afford to waste food. I'm shocked that so many people do.  Apparently it's because they're not able to tell for themselves if the food is good to eat - they can only read a sell-by-date label.
Here are my utterly ground-breaking tips for dunderheads...
USE your common sense - if it smells bad, chuck it. It's if normal, eat it.


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Brenda said...

Don't know about ugly vegetables cos that really sounds stupid - I mean who ever heard of an attractive vegetable? But we have stopped throwing food away altogether. If it can't be eaten by ourselves(mouldy) we give it to the hens/sisters pig or compost bin which quickly makes it into compost. There's no need to waste any food - just figure out what to do with it...